Cliff Avenue plan challenged

Resident questions revitalization efforts on Enderby's main street

Regarding the strong interest in Cliff Avenue revitalization

As a resident of Enderby who attended the open house, I would suggest that the next time council wishes to bring a plan to the community, it might consider putting it on public display for a period and then having a public town hall  discussion.

I understand the need to make changes to insure aging infrastucture  is renewed, but I am less than enthusiastic with this plan.

The raised square that will limit traffic into the downtown core is itself  probably a good change.

The plan includes quite a number of 18-foot-tall metal pipes (fitted with LED lights) apparently meant to evoke river pylons. Sorry, it didn t evoke that to me.

It is my understanding these are not to provide light, but more to create a statement that this is the downtown business core. At this point, these are largely conceptual.

What I do not see in the plan is actual lighting.  I also do not see any shelter.

Because of damage to the sidewalks, existing trees are to be removed, and replaced with saplings. However, in the interim, it will be 20-plus years, until they will mature. There will be no shade in the downtown core let alone a place to shelter from the rain, snow or sun. At this point, people shelter in doorways.

In the last election, one of our new town councillors was elected championing the need for a public restroom in town. May I suggest that before we consider 18-foot-tall ornamental pipes, we prioritize a place for washrooms.

Burt Cohen