Climate change requires action

I appreciated Kelly Megyesi’s letter about the need for action on climate change and I  wondered why it’s taking us so long to take action.

We know that a carbon-fueled, consumer economy cannot continue forever.  And yet we keep living it day-to-day.  What is preventing us from changing the way we live?  What is preventing us from seeing seven generations into the future?

It seems to me that we are restrained by a number of unresolved emotions.  We feel guilty when we damage our beautiful planet, ripping out raw materials to supply our needs as consumers — a role we were raised in without being given a choice.

I feel ashamed when I think of trying to explain to my children and great-grandchildren why we went down this path and why we were unable to set a new course.

Perhaps we are fearful that we won’t be able to change.  Perhaps we feel alone, out of step and no one cares. Maybe we are discouraged, thinking it is too late; the task is too great and the time too short.

What if we started by listening to each other’s concerns and fears?  We know that  continuing on the present path, is not going to work.

Maybe listening to each other  would help us move through the guilt and shame and throw off the discouragement that’s holding us back. Then we could think about living gently on the earth, confident in the future.

Bill Darnell