Climate reaction

Local letter writer challenges the concept of climate change

Colin Mayes should be pleased to know that his MP Report is so widely read.

The reaction to Mr. Mayes’ recent article on climate action has been entirely from the perspective of the climate activists, specifically those still committed to Al Gore’s and Dr. Michael Mann’s hysterical view of world weather.

Citing long discredited scenarios, this anti-carbon crowd is nothing if not persistent. Dr. Patrick Michaels, a research professor in environmental science and contributing editor to the United Nations’ second intergovernmental report on climate change, says as of October 2014, there have been 18 consecutive years without global warming.

The climate alarmists’ doomsday scenarios of rising sea levels and melting glaciers depend, of course, on rising temperatures.

In fact, Dr. Michaels says in a scientific report released by the University of Illinois, that Antarctic ice as measured by NASA’s microwave satellite resonance sounding system, is at its highest extent since 1978.

And says Michaels, Arctic ice decline stopped in 2005, which means 10 years with no net loss of Arctic ice.

If you don’t like what Dr. Michaels has to say, how about Dr. Leslie Woodcock, professor emeritus of chemical thermodynamics at the University of Manchester and senior research consultant to the U.S. Air Force and NASA?

Dr. Woodcock has added his voice to the rising scientific tide challenging the theory that man-made carbon emissions are causing global warming. Dr. Woodcock says there is no proven scientific relationship between C02 levels and climate change.

As a greenhouse gas, water vapor is 20 times more concentrate in the atmosphere than C02 and says Woodcock, labeling C02 as a toxic gas is nonsense.  C02 is in fact the foundation of life on earth.

Woodcock, who is also a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, founding editor of the journal Molecular Simulation and guest  scientist  at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology, says the green lobby has created a do-good industry which has become a way of life, like a religion.

Talk to real scientists who are not green activists or politically motivated, says Woodcock, and they will tell you there is nothing to global warming other than an industry creating vast amounts of wealth for some people.

Professor Woodcock says you can’t blame ordinary people with little or no scientific knowledge for caring about their grandchildren and the environment but says the climate change industry is a consequence of grant-seeking government advisors worldwide.

As many predicted 10 or more years ago, the climate change lobby is a house of cards built on misinformation.

It makes one shudder at the billions spent chasing windmills, when everyday real problems stare us in the face.


John Trainor