Closet skeletons

Letter writer protests premier's decision not to have fall sitting of the Legislature

Our empress has no clothes.

There will be no fall session of the B.C. Legislature because Premier Clark suddenly realized she has nothing to wear. Clark’s handlers want us to believe an equally foolish explanation: “The Liberals will spend the fall meeting with constituents and ensuring British Columbians get to know Premier Christy Clark’s new cabinet ministers.”

Decode their spin-doctored gobbledegook and you get the following: the Liberals will spend the fall and the rest of their term in office trying to get re-elected and won’t have time for anything else.

Christy Clark has a pattern of avoiding personal accountability. When she ran in the Vancouver-Point Grey by-election, she declined to participate in the all-candidate debates.

Now Clark is afraid of questions she might be expected to answer in the Legislature about her dysfunctional government.

Clark knows her closet is filled with skeletons and she can’t bare the thought of exposing her own inadequacies.

Lloyd Atkins