Coldstream suites

Resident questions the need to clamp down on suites when affordability is an issue

It must be nice to have all of the money you need and not have to look for some extra mortgage help. While some residents might not like suites, many residents of Coldstream have suites and many more want them.

Many residents live near Okanagan College and there is very little accommodation in this area. Should we not support people being able to walk to school? Let’s face it, we have a need for rental accommodation in Coldstream.

The current situation, where Coldstream expects one inspector to look after all of the building inspections and then have to waste his time answering suite complaints, must be very frustrating for the district. It seems that you can have a suite in Coldstream if your neighbour does not complain.

What about situations like having elderly parents come and live with you? How about those adult children who cannot afford to even rent anywhere in Vernon or Coldstream?

Why does Coldstream not create a process where residents can apply for legal suites? Or better yet, do what Kelowna did and make all suites legal and stop wasting valuable resources chasing something that is almost impossible to enforce.

Kelowna is in the process of making all secondary suites legal as they realize that affordability of homes and low income housing is a serious issue in the Okanagan.

It is easy for a person who brings home a six-figure salary to complain about a few extra vehicles in his neighbourhood. What about all of the students and hard working families trying to survive in one of the most expensive places in Canada to live?

The population of Vernon has increased while school enrolment has been plummeting. That tells me that rich retired people are moving here while young families are moving out.

If the tenants are parking on the owner’s property, then there should be no issue.

The point of extra traffic on Point Sage is a joke because it is dead-end street and the extra traffic generated by two or three cars per day is negligible.

I don’t have an illegal suite. I have had my inspection thanks.

But I would encourage residents of Coldstream to send anonymous letters to the district in support of legalizing suites (so you don’t have to endure your inspection). We should not let a minority of complainers dictate what the majority wants.

With all of the trouble in today’s world, one must have a lot of time one one’s hands to complain about a car going by their house twice a day.

Terry Downton