College campus faces crunch

Resident challenges track and field facility at college

According to an article in The Morning Star Oct. 5, Okanagan College’s Vernon campus registered 1,070 students this year, representing a 6.8 per cent increase relative to last year and, apparently, it was the 12th consecutive year the increase exceeded the government’s total enrolment target.

Economic impact studies regarding college and university operations have continuously confirmed the benefits of higher education facilities not only in an educational context but also due to the economic nature of the operations as they draw resources from the region and national economies while their physical operations are locally based and an increasing benefit to the community, the value of which significantly exceeds the overall investment.

That said, aren’t we glad our community consumed the balance of the land at the Vernon campus for a track and field facility where on a good day, you might find a handful of seniors walking their dog around the oval.

Obviously it’s not a concern to our local leaders, however. After all, our children can always move away to attend college or university.

Unfortunately, all that is left is a handful of seniors walking their dog around the oval.

Harry Packer