College is wrong site for a track

Resident wants sports complex at local secondary schools

High school students in the Greater Vernon area have been seriously lacking in easy access to track and field amenities. Not one high school in Greater Vernon has a track for the students during PE to just run out the door and do their laps. Nor can they participate or host track and field events at their schools.

We have the opportunity right now to correct past oversights of the school board and local government to build track and field facilities first at VSS, while under construction, and second at Fulton. Having these two schools with standard tracks, complete with moderate, sensible seating, they can host regional and provincial competitions as well as providing two fields for possible B.C. Summer Games.

VSS is centrally located and surrounded by the largest area of single-family housing, which could provide the East Hill area easy public access to fitness amenities. Fulton would also provide the same to the growing Okanagan Landing area.

These schools already have parking, washrooms, baseball diamonds, football/soccer/rugby fields, and tennis and basket ball courts. Having a running track at these schools would provide the students and the community complete outdoor fitness facilities.

As for the proposed sports complex at the college, I think it would be a major mistake. All of the users and spectators from the schools and general public would have to drive or be driven there. Public parking would have to be provided. Washroom facilities, covered grandstands and lighting are going way overboard for what the community needs at the moment considering that all Vernon had previously was the small track at Polson Park.

The land at the college should be left for future use and expansion of the college facilities and programs only. Let’s be practical and frugal and provide the community with amenities that facilitate the most use with as little cost.


Brad Foster