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Congratulations to Richard Rolke for column: Falkland deserves better

Congratulations to Richard Rolke for his recent column, “Falkland deserves better,” pointing out Okanagan-Shuswap MP Colin Mayes’ disinterest in the removal of Falkland from the new North Okanagan-Shuswap riding under proposed federal redistribution boundaries.

It’s clear from Mayes’ comments that Falkland’s fate doesn’t interest him.  He’s happy to ignore the long-standing commercial, employment, financial, professional service and historical ties that bind Falkland and Vernon.

If the residents of Falkland share little community of interest with the folks in Princeton and Summerland and would be forced to travel to West Kelowna to meet with their new Central Okanagan-Coquihalla Member of Parliament, Colin Mayes is okay with that.

“We have to carve up ridings somehow,” he says blandly.

But we shouldn’t be surprised that Mayes finds Falkland’s concerns boring.  He seems to find the whole matter of meeting with constituents and hearing about their issues boring.

Just last year, challenged during an election all-candidates meeting in Vernon about his unavailability to residents of the riding, Mayes said, “If you can’t see me, it’s obvious, the job is 132 days in Ottawa.”

Clearly, he doesn’t get it. Mr. Mayes, the job is not “132 days in Ottawa,” it’s 365 days a year of sensitivity to the needs of your constituents and action on their behalf.

I think we can all understand how dreary must be the life of any backbench supporter of the “Harper Government.”

It must, indeed, be boring to be only a small cog in the Harper propaganda machine, representing not the people of this constituency but, instead, the interests of Steven Harper’s distorted version of conservatism.

If Colin Mayes is bored with his role as Member of Parliament, he needs either to quit or wake up and get on with the tasks he was elected to carry out. Retiring on the job is not an option.


Roy A. Derrick, Vernon