Columnist clarifies

Christmas column date misconstrued, and writer aware that Jesus was probably not born on Dec. 25

This is a response to HD Bartholomew’s response to my Christmas column.

Just to clarify regarding the shepherds in the fields on the night before Christmas.

I did not mean Dec. 24, but the night before Jesus Christ was born.

That is, I am referring to the what of Christmas, not the when.

True enough, Jesus was probably not born on Dec. 25.

Most Christians acknowledge this, and none that I know of insist that you must believe that he was.

Sorry about the confusion.

Regarding Dec. 25 being a Babylonian holiday where people worshipped pagan gods, I would stress that the reason the Christian church chose that date to celebrate the birth of the Lord, was so that people would stop worshipping pagan gods and worship Him instead.

The fact that one has to go to the library to find out that people used to worship pagan gods on Dec. 25 is extremely telling.

No one I know worships pagan gods on Christmas, while millions worship Jesus.

I would think that Mr. Bartholomew would think that was a good thing.

Dave Bootsma