Come again

Lack of acceleration lanes on new Highway 97A in Armstrong frustrates driver

Re: No acceleration lanes on Highway 97 A upgrade and the government’s stupid reasons why.

A couple of weeks ago, I turned right out of Armstrong at Smith Road and nearly got in an accident. It was then that I realized that there were no turnout or acceleration lanes on our brand-new, updated four-lane highway that our government just finished building as there used to be on the previous road.

So I decided to look further and found that there were eight intersections with deceleration lanes and none of them with acceleration lanes. So I decided to call the mayor of Armstrong and ask him if he could find out why. I have been a professional driver for 30 years and have seen and heard a lot of stupidity, but never have I heard such stupid answers  like those that minister representative gave in an edition of our local newspapers.

He says acceleration lanes on a four-lane highway aren’t as necessary as traffic can pull over to make room for traffic coming on.

Does he really think that all people will slow down, be kind and courteous and move over to make room for other traffic? I think not. If anything, people speed up to avoid having another vehicle in front of them. If you’re pulling into traffic from a side road, it is your responsibility to make sure it’s safe before doing so. If acceleration lanes are not needed in this area then why were they put in the previous rebuilt section?

He also says if acceleration lanes are too short then merging traffic can’t get up to speed to blend in with high-speed traffic on the highway. Well, common sense tells me that not having acceleration lanes is even more dangerous as vehicles can’t jump from dead stop to 90 to 100 kph.

It’s a real shame that our tax dollars are being wasted paying this man’s wages and every other government person that had anything to do with this. Millions of dollars foolishly spent on the previous 97A upgrade and more wasted on this one.

Another news story in The Morning Star — more stupidity for your reading pleasure about why there are no acceleration lanes. Ministry of Transportation said engineers’ studies show that there is a low volume of right-turning vehicles in this corridor.

Is everybody coming from the south turning left not turning right to go back? If so, they why was so much money spent on left-turn lanes and deceleration lanes? Why not just build the highway straight through?

I always thought that rebuilding a road was to make traveling safer, not more dangerous.

A spokesman for Ministry of Highways says acceleration lanes are used where there are high volumes of right-turning traffic and through traffic. Then why were acceleration lanes built on the previous rebuilt section of 97A just several kilometres down the road with the same volume of traffic?

Hello. Is there anybody in any level of government who can use some common sense?

You’re wasting our tax dollars and I, for one, am seriously tired of it.


Don Fraser, Armstrong