Common sense lacking in decision

Resident provides his thoughts about Stickle Road and Highway 97

I feel like I am in the majority of Morning Star readers when I say that we are sick and tired of reading the opinions of politicians, supposed highway experts known as engineers, supporters of conservation of our natural environment and the average person who knows of Stickle  Road or who may have had or witnessed a near or actual accident at that intersection over the  years but highlighted today because of the hazard it presents to all motorists travelling that highway/intersection.

With due respect to everyone who has expressed an opinion whether it be a politician, highway engineer, business operator or nearby resident, I think we may have to take a step back and resort to that thing called common sense.

We all know it is not taught at schools, universities or even a consideration when it comes to resumes and job descriptions. Better yet, history has taught us that this thing called common sense has no bearing on one’s intelligence and that is a proven fact. Research it if you like.

We all know what the problem is at Stickle Road and we should treat it much like we do a railway crossing, where we have periodic traffic day and night, and because of serious and fatal accidents have resorted to warning lights and barriers to protect motorists, but we still have accidents at railway crossings based on the lack of common sense.

Based on common sense logic, we know we need a control mechanism at the intersection of the highway and Stickle Road and that is a given unless we choose to completely ignore common sense and destroy a bird sanctuary, reduce access to the businesses located alongside the highway accessed by Stickle Road and inconvenience the long-time residents living adjacent to Stickle Road by spending millions of taxpayer dollars to build an access/frontage road eliminating Stickle Road altogether.

Again, based on my knowledge derived from reading this newspaper, I am led to believe that a democratic decision has been made to proceed with the building of this access/frontage road even though the general public has dismissed such a venture and have supported the less costly and more immediate solution to the traffic problem.  Having travelled coast to coast on the Trans-Canada Highway and observing traffic control intersections, I am confused as to why a traffic control light would not protect motorists as it seems to have worked across Canada to this day.

I am at that point where I am beginning to read between the lines, basing my thoughts on my knowledge of common sense, thinking can there be a political prejudice involved in this matter that the general public is ignorant of, and as we all well know based on history, political secrets eventually meet their demise and we change our political leaders but for the similar reason we change baby diapers?

My education and experience in life has taught me that democracy should take precedent and the majority should in fact supersede  the minority, no matter what your status may be as a member the community.

Most of us have been on this planet long enough to know that you most certainly cannot totally rely on what you read, hear or see for the most part, and Stickle Road sets a fine example of that as I become more convinced by the day that the truth of it all is in-house and will probably remain so based on the political correctness obviously dictating the truth of the matter.

We should know through history that government at any level hires its own researchers and expertise and knows full well the results and where favour may be.  Anyone with common sense would support and verify that comment. Yes, in most cases, a simple solution is the best and cheapest route to take but we seem to have steered away from that thinking and its costing we tax payers big bucks.

What ever happened to the days of common sense before politicians and supposed experts? Furthermore, it would seem that democracy is ruled by the influential and not the majority in today’s world and truth of the matter is that even our highest courts fail to recognize the common sense factor. You cannot teach what you do not know and any teacher will tell you that.

Len Eddy