Common sense needed

After putting up with parking meter rate increases and fine increases, I felt I needed to write a letter

After putting up with parking meter rate increases and fine increases, I felt I needed to write a letter. As a business owner, I am disgusted with current mayor and council. You voted for this increase. After fixing up the remainder of main street at building owners’ expense for the sidewalk portions, you double the rates and fines. What  a slap in the face.

You want to revitalize downtown, fine job you are doing. You are driving us away and you are driving our customers away. Have you counted how many empty storefronts there are downtown?

I have talked to dozens of business owners and they all tell me the same thing, how customers rush out of the stores because they don’t want to get a ticket.

I called Kelowna city hall. Their rates are half of ours downtown. Twenty five cents for half an hour. Vernon does not have the economic and financial stability Kelowna has but our parking rates are double.

Who does council think lives in this town, millionaires?

Without prejudice and no offence intended to anyone, we all do not make doctor or architect wages, etc. We are a town full of people struggling to make ends meet and living on minimum wages.

After talking to human resources for the City of Vernon, I found out how much bylaw enforcement makes an hour. I think most people would be appalled to find out we have five full-time and eight part-time bylaw personnel who earn $28.97 an hour plus benefits. It’s more than many health care providers make.

I am not afraid of speaking up. Just because you have a title in front of your name doesn’t mean you’ll make a better mayor or councillor. We need people on council who will truly reflect what this town wants and needs. Not more money spending for things that serve a select amount of people.

We need common sense individuals on this council.

Elections are coming up in 2014. Remember this when you cast your ballot. We need people who know how to balance budgets, not always spending and raising tax rates.

Lily Kerr