Common sense

Support local merchants fighting to keep 43rd Avenue as is

Here we go again! For those of us who use the 43rd Avenue corridor in our daily travels in our fair city, and that would be nearly all of us, our city council has come up with a traffic plan that will have us all swearing and wondering whatever happened to good old common sense in the minds of those we have elected.

The merchants who pay huge tax dollars into the city coffers and run businesses that we taxpaying citizens use are once again being ignored by our prestigious mayor and council members.

As 43rd Avenue now stands the traffic patterns work extremely well. It keeps rush hour travellers off residential streets looking for a less frustrating way to their destination.

As taxpaying citizens we all need to support these merchants in this cause to keep 43rd Avenue as it is.

Is there so much money sitting in Vernon’s coffers that our council has to find a way just to spend it? It takes this city in their road changing a year or more to make their changes. This helps put businesses out of business, not to mention the anger and frustration we taxpaying citizens must endure.

Anyone seen and experienced the mess in Alexis Park lately. Don’t use 39th Avenue to come from Alexis Park down to the highway.

There appears to be no common sense approach to our traffic corridors. It is time to speak up folks.

Let’s support these merchants and sign their petition and write or e-mail city council of our disapproval. When we go to the polls this year vote our disapproval.


R. Haskivich, Vernon