Communication could pay dividends

Attack the entire upgrade as one project and sort it out amongst the political jurisdictions who should do what

In the July 20 edition of The Morning Star, Rob Dickinson, Vernon’s engineering manager states that using RDNO’s water utility contractor to repave Old Kamloops Road, once the water utility upgrades are done, would be far more costly, than using their own to repave later on.

Even though the city is only responsible for 2.2 kilometres from 43rd Avenue east. That would stop just short of the entrance to the Blue Jay subdivision. From that point eastward, the rest of Old Kamloops Road becomes jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transportation. Yeesh.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see these government bodies — the ones that ultimately have our best interests at heart — work together to show us just that?

I know it seems maybe too idealistic and far-fetched, but it shouldn’t be.

The upgrades to Old Kamloops Road, in their entirety, are inevitable here. If you are heading west on it, towards town, the condition is not too bad until you get to around Miriam Road, just east of Freedom Motorsports, then the generous supply of potholes begin.

It is probably been dug up now with this project, but whether it has or not, the road is too narrow to be safe. There is no shoulder for most of the length of it.

It is not safe for cyclists or pedestrians really, not to mention good luck pulling over if you need to at all.

If you are heading east from town, the uneven, cracked pavement with the weeds growing through is pathetic, especially going up the hill just past the SPCA turn-off. And yet, a 70-kilometre speed limit exists, as it should be when the road is good.

Mr. Dickinson’s position is a good point, monetarily, but it spells a further delay and a narrow view of the big picture.

In today’s world of instant communication, can the three bodies of government not work with each other?

I mean really, can they not plan this out before the project starts so the general public is not put out more than necessary?

A little co-operation ahead of time would really pave the way. Communicate with each other. Attack the entire upgrade as one project and sort it out amongst the political jurisdictions who should do what, before they start.

Do what is best for all and get it done together.

I am very sure, you will please the general public much more (who you work for anyway), shorten the inconvenience and untimely delays and save time and money in the long run.

Rory White