Community comes together

Vernon Jubilee Hospital campaign for more beds growing

Thank you for all who made the effort to come to Vernon Jubilee Hospital’s new Polson tower July 1 to have their photo taken. This photo will be sent to our representatives in the B.C. government.

Our MLA Eric Foster was clearly encouraged to see the turn out and believes it will help in the process to have the two shelled-in floors completed and made operational.

There is more work to be done and I would ask anyone reading this letter who wants to see VJH fulfill its role in the community when it comes to having sufficient acute care beds to contact your MLA. (

Would it not have been far better for the B.C. government to have responded to this crucial need before this as I believe due care and financial planning (including a percentage of the funding already advanced from local taxpayers from here to Revelstoke) has been in place for years in the North and Central Okanagan including Columbia-Shuswap. (

On July 1, at the new VJH Polson tower, we asked:

1. Acute care patients treated with the dignity they deserve – an end to hallway medicine at this hospital

2. Acute care patients helped in a timely manner without lengthy delays in cancelled surgeries

3. Safety considerations – patients better cared for in a modern, state of the art acute care ward

4. Disease control taken to a whole new level – one patient per room means less infections spread from patient to patient

5. Pride in Vernon Jubilee Hospital – setting a competent standard in a technological age (VJH cares for patients right across the region, not just Vernon)

6. Cost saving now – not higher costs sometime in the future

7. Finally but not least – population growth suggests prudence now, showing wisdom and excellent insight.

As a community, we are in this together, may each one of us do our part.


Peter Hill, Vernon