Residents urged to consider the priceless return of investing in another human being

We’ve all seen the TV ads. We usually turn the channel right away. Not because we’re heartless but maybe because we can’t stand to see the suffering. Or we don’t know what effect we could possibly have. We’ve heard the stories of so-called charities who are actually just lining their own pockets, and this is probably just another one of those.

However, in a recent article on the topic of effective giving (by Bruce Wydick), economists rated child sponsorship as the most effective long-term approach to solving poverty. One of the most highly rated and effective organizations for child sponsorship (and the one we choose) is Compassion Canada (or International). Look them up at the websites of the Better Business Bureau or Charity Navigator to see for yourself (great sites to rate any charity).

Now this is no guilt trip folks. It’s a reality check. It’s an opportunity. It’s a reward. Feeding, educating and loving children in the Third World is all of those things and, of course, more. Sponsoring a child through a reputable organization is a wonderful thing for you and your family, and for the child and their family.

We gave our sponsor child a birthday gift of $50 last July. She recently wrote back and thanked us for the $441,001 rupiah (Indonesia). This puts things in perspective for me. I really do have the extra money. I think most of us do if we really committed to it.

We talk about investing our money. Think about the intangible yet priceless returns of investing in another human being.

Joe Harder