Compassionate family

Resident thanks family for reaching out to him over the Christmas holiday

My name is David and I am a recipient of one of the Christmas packages donated by the Mills family.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the families who gave packages from the bottom of my heart.

I am part of the alcohol and drug program at Howard House. Words alone can’t express the gratitude I feel for the compassion and kindness you have shown for someone you’ve never met.

To know that someone cares enough to make that kind of an effort goes beyond the warmth that the blanket, hat and coat provided. It warmed my heart.

I started to take pain medicine just to function when I hurt my spine in a car accident.

I had no family doctor and because of a shortage of doctors accepting patients, I was unable to get prescriptions legally and was forced to get involved in street drugs. It is a hopeless feeling and exhausting to have to self-medicate that way. I lost everything, including my family.

It’s very difficult to explain the hopelessness one feels when nothing is getting better and no one cares.

I reached out to Howard House and they were there. It’s impossible for me to express in words how grateful I am for all they’ve done for me. I feel they saved my life and that my life was worth saving.

The compassion and kindness extends from the administration to the cooks and everyone in between. They are truly a very special group of people.

To the Mills family, your effort and compassion truly filled my heart with joy as your beautiful Christmas card wish.

And thank you to Santa’s elf as well for the awesome stocking.

Thank you for making my Christmas wish come true.