Compromise needed

Kal Park is owned by the provincial government, not local jurisdictions or cabin owners

There are certain past, present and hopefully future real considerations and facts about Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park.

Coldstream Ranch owned the park area totally, built the original road and always had a gate. The locked wooden gate was replaced with a locked metal gate when the park was purchased at a very reasonable price by the provincial government.

Do we want marauders or even accidents happening?

A road is a necessary means of easier mobility for everyone, including nature lovers who could be someone unable to walk. But a 100-foot-wide road allowance seems excessive, more like a four-lane highway.

Coldstream is a residential community, not a metropolis.

The fact remains that the park is owned by our provincial government, not Coldstream or Vernon, and certainly not by any member of part-time cabin users who can generate their own utilities as a self-contained community.

Compromise reasonably. Democracy suits most of us just fine so take a vote.

P. Drought



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