Concerns exist about the NDP

I find it interesting that NDP candidate Barry Dorval includes on his election signs the phrase, “working for you.”

I clearly recall during the last B.C. teachers strike, Mr. Dorval, as president of the Vernon Teachers Association, declaring in a Morning Star interview that the proudest day of his teaching career was the day he stood on a picket line and withheld his services as a teacher.

I would call that working for the B.C. Teachers Federation, certainly not for the students and parents, and if Mr. Dorval finds himself elected MLA for all of the residents of Vernon-Monashee, I would expect that narrow self-interest to continue.

Another interesting item to me is the unwillingness on the part of the NDP and leader John Horgan to discuss the party flirting with the Leap Manifesto.

If you are not familiar with this left-wing doctrine, it essentially calls for the end to the free-enterprise system and private property rights.

Left-wing intellectuals are calling for the overthrow of capitalism, including large-scale farming in favour of local organic farms, ending of all international trade and banning all use of oil and gas.

NDP leadership is loath to discuss this in polite company but the truth is thousands of NDP supporters would jump at the chance to implement this lunacy.

The NDP is dancing on the razor’s edge.

There are radical factions spouting destructive policies within the party umbrella and like snakes in the cellar, they will find their way into your living room if given the chance.

There is no such thing as perfect government. There is, however, something much worse than imperfect and that would be the collectivist Marxism embraced by so many within the NDP.

John Trainor