Concerns raised

Resident challenges plans by the government to bring refugees into Canada

The opening lines to our anthem are “O Canada, our home and native land.”

Now our new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, is saying we are going to bring 25,000 new immigrants from Syria to our land due to the strife in their country.

He is not only bringing these immigrants here but his cabinet seems to be in a big hurry to get them here.

Why the big rush to help when there are already many Canadians who are suffering in our own country due to homelessness, low income and health care issues?

Every day, the media is showing us the food banks needing help to keep the shelves full for those in need.

Every day we hear of how our health care system is failing for seniors and low-income and young families not being able to afford or wait for care to get better.

Now we are expected to sit by and watch more immigrants be given accommodation, health care and jobs at the expense of those already suffering in our own country?

I’m not racist. I realize these people are also suffering, but why not help our own before extending our hands again?

Why, if Canada wants to help, don’t we send funds to their country to help with food and accommodation to rebuild rather than bringing them here to further strain our present systems and create more homelessness and burden on our health care, etc.?

Help those here first, then others before we are in the same boat, in more need.

Rose Carson