Confidence lacking

Resident upset with the regional district's actions over the water plan

With such a resounding no vote on the water referendum, I think one thing is overwhelmingly clear.

We have lost complete confidence in the Greater Vernon Water board and senior staff, and by association, the Regional District of North Okanagan as well.

When this happens in Ottawa or Victoria, there are resignations and firings, so let’s have some here.

The status quo is not acceptable.

What’s wrong with the proposal or some form of it that Dana Mills put forth in an Oct. 24 letter? Was anything like this even considered by GVW?

This is just one example and there are others out there that make a lot more sense.

Why can’t the people who use 80 per cent of the water pay the cost of the 80 per cent and the people who use 20 per cent of the water pay 20 per cent?

I’d really like to see the projected user fees on each, including the additional costs required to improve the 20 per cent and no additional costs to the present 80 per cent, by doing this.

I would also like to point out to all of the people just elected that if you are really serious about doing what the people feel should be done in the Greater Vernon/Coldstream area, that you take the time to read the letters page in The Morning Star.

You will get ideas from here that need your attention much quicker than waiting for staff to submit them. If you don’t act on them, it’s your problem.

I don’t know why the politicians are running to Victoria to find out what to do about this. We are perfectly capable of fixing the water problem ourselves.

All we need are the right people to step in and do it.

Where’s our leadership when we need it?

Finally, while we haven’t heard of too much infighting, personal agendas and bickering between our local politicians, I’m sure it is still there, ie. the study on possible amalgamation.

I hope this means that some maturing is taking place and eventually you all will be able to see the big picture. Your input into this is important and so is ours.


J.V. Methot