Conflicting reports

Politicians complain about how dysfunctional Vernon and RDNO work together yet as amalgamation rears its head, suddenly we hear its all good

I am confused.

For the last several years, we have heard local politicians, both from Vernon and the Regional District of the North Okanagan, complain about how dysfunctional the two work together.

We hear that there are too many levels of bureaucracy, so things take forever to get done, and complaints about how many members each region has, or thinks they should have.

Now, as soon as the threat of amalgamation rears its head, suddenly we hear that all is good, and everyone is playing nice in the sandbox.

Well, which is it?

You work smoothly together, or you don’t. As a taxpayer, I’m confused.

I for one am for amalgamation.  I believe we duplicate too many services. I also see many businesses closing in the area, so the city and the RDNO better start playing nice, or there will be no tax base left to play with.

I also don’t want to hear how bad things are between the RDNO and the city.

If they are working well, then good.

If not, I don’t want to hear complaining, once the threat of amalgamation has passed.

Bring on the amalgamation petition, I’ll sign it.


Bob Cail, Vernon