Consider our future and vote

Resident concerned about the federal Conservatives and their record

I used to be proud to be a Canadian but now, I am bitter and disillusioned of what the Harper government is doing in the name of Canada.

The mistrust created by Harper with reckless and dangerous legislation, such as Bill C-51, is promoting terror in the hearts and minds of Canadians. We are being controlled by the fears Harper spreads in the form of patriotic propaganda.

Oppressive laws like Bill 51 are being implemented in countries like Mexico, Guatemala and Ecuador. These governments are labelling as terrorists, lawful citizens: people who are opposed to mining; trying to protect water resources and food supplies; and give governments the right to delve into people’s personal information indiscriminately.

In a democratic society, the freedom to dissent against government is a noble act of democracy: it is not terrorism. Since 9/11, Harper, has introduced eight new bills which were not needed or requested by either the RCMP or CSIS. These dangerous and unnecessary bills give our government unlimited scope to spy on us, detain people without warrant, and intervene in our lives without cause. Since 9/11, Harper’s cabinet has spent more than $9 billion on national security, while cutting our social services by the same amount.

We were once respected throughout the world as peacekeepers. That has changed since Harper decided to join the war on terror, which has resulted in the death or displacement of countless innocent civilians and the deaths of our own soldiers

Since the Second World War, Canadians have been proud to support our allies in NATO and support the United Nations, particularly as peacekeepers. We have not participated in any war or peacekeeping exercise without this mandate. Until now. Neither of these organizations are involved in this war. Peace-loving Canadians know that we have no ethical justification to be in this war and wonder “why?” This is not Canada’s war. This is Harper’s war.

Harper is playing with fire and we can see it through his well-rehearsed words and his ineffective diplomacy. Worse, he’s done it willingly, now jeopardizing the freedom our tolerant and respectful multi-cultural and responsible nation. Canadians still remember our honorable history and long to return to the ethics and virtue that we once represented and will be again.

Let us briefly consider our future globally.

Many countries are building their military might. Collectively, we can’t even agree to dismantle our nuclear weapons to ensure our own survival!

Our planet has become a global marketplace of expendable wealth and short-lived prosperity. The Harper government is following the same suit, arrogantly, and at our county’s long-term expense.

As a nation, we now have a chance to make a difference, amid a world of bleak oppression and rampant complacency, hidden in countless guises.

I fear the world will only grow more competitive as time and resources become short. If it continues to be governed by irresponsible, reckless leaders like Harper, maybe then our nuclear weapons might prove their catastrophic worth.

We are at war. The real war lies in our own hearts and minds, in the form of fear, hatred, suspicion, anger and ignorance. Harper is ensuring that it will continue to escalate in our own country and abroad. All of us need to start getting more involved, informed, and active. Many of us are doing so with as much of a resounding voice as possible.

Get informed, know the facts and vote.

J. Adams