Core review

City of Vernon core review being assisted by short sighted KPMG report

Going by the article on the front page April 24, it looks like what the city will get is like any other report generated by “bean counters.”

The first things targeted are items that have an environmental benefit, in this case waste water treatment and transit.

A bus with two or three people has a footprint, however the real question is: Why are so few using public transport where it is available? i.e. what is needed is a better sales job for public transit. And for those who are not aware, yet, there are smaller buses available. They would be less expensive to run and more cost efficient.

Equally short sighted is waste water discharge into the lake. It appears the KPMG people assign no value to keep waterways as clean as possible.

The water that is re-used for irrigation stays in circulation; it seeps into the ground, nourishes what needs to be nourished and the excess will run downhill into a stream and then into the lake.

During that process it goes through an additional filtering cycle. But since one can’t assign a number to that process it doesn’t count – at least as far as the “bean counters” are concerned. Things don’t change much, do they?

Hans-Joerg Mueller, Vernon