Cosens Bay power

Resident defends the need for electricity at Cosens Bay

In the article by Richard Rolke about Cosens Bay power, there were some comments made by Mr. Fleming that baffle me.

He says, “There are some property owners that do not share the same goals (as Klim) so we would have to balance all of the issues.”

Does he really expect all property owners to share the same opinion on any issue?

Nothing would ever be done on anything if this were a criteria.

The other statement is that, “Cosens Bay was originally intended to be just for seasonal cabins.”

Even if that is true, it was 60 years ago.

News flash, times change.

I would hope someone in charge of setting goals and directions for the future would realize that.

With that kind of attitude we might not have Predator Ridge Golf Resort, Silver Star or for that matter, even the Kelowna airport as those lands were originally designed for different usage.

Say goodbye to many of the jobs and reasons tourists come to this area.

Which brings us back to the topic at hand.

Our incredible Kalamalka Lake has properties with outhouses close to the water and grey water going into the lake.

Sixty years ago, that might have been acceptable, but it is not anymore.

For the property owners to fix this issue, power is needed due to the terrain.

More than 50 per cent of the homeowners out there want power and the majority of the rest would probably take it if they did not have to pay for it.

So Mr. Fleming when you are balancing opinions, ask yourself a simple question.

Where do you want the effluent to go?

If it is not into the lake, you should support power, as that is the only way to clean up the lake.

Even without power and a road that meets MOT standards there has and will continue to be more homes being developed out there.

So why do you not look to the future for solutions instead of living in the past?

I am sure, if you polled the boaters that enjoy the lake, you would find the new homes add much more beauty to this amazing lake than the 50-year-old shacks that are falling over.


Brent Hauberg