Cosens Bay response

Resident provides some information on the Kal Provincial Park road issue

The people of B.C. bought the land for Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park for people not rattlesnakes!  B.C. Parks built Cougar Canyon parking lot to accommodate the increasing numbers of people visiting this park to witness the most spectacular views in North America. The view from the top of Cougar Canyon, overlooking Kal Lake, is breathtaking. Bikers, rock climbers, hikers, seniors and young families come in increasing numbers each year and use the Cougar Canyon parking, lot which is next to the corner where in 2014, a young man careened off the narrow road plunging hundreds of yards and had a stick impelled, into his neck. His white truck is still there. This accident could easily have started a fire and burned the forest and grassland. How many snakes will die when there is a fire? The road through the park already has a fence and large boulders separating the grassland from the road. The road has existed since 1896, some 79 years before the land beside the road was purchased for a park. Would you like to meet a propane truck and have to back up for hundreds of yards to find a spot that you could safely pass?

Everyone loves the grasslands, but they are not original, fragile, grasslands. The Greater Vernon Museum has a 1975 report by Robert Cannings on Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park, which describes the area covered with knapweed; and recommended spraying Tordon (a cancer-causing herbicide) to the land before re-seeding grass. Tordon was used, and the grassland was seeded.

I invite members of the public to take a drive to the Cougar Canyon parking lot, look over the bank for the truck that went off the road in 2014 and then drive the highway used by property owners in Cosens Bay.

Three Supreme Court judges in 1997 reviewed J. Collvers’ declaration made in 1996 and unanimously agreed that Cosens Bay Road was a public highway. David Kennedy, your arguments were dismissed by a total of four Supreme Court judges.

Alice Klim

Cosens Bay