Cosens Bay Road

Resident concerned about the Ministry of Transportation's proposal

The Ministry of Transportation request to remove a wide corridor from Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park for Cosens Bay Road upgrades and future power lines and utilities for cabin owners, and for future cabin/subdivision development is one of the most short-sighted ideas I have come across in my life.

The reasons this proposal should never have been given any serious consideration has been aptly covered by many voices more knowledgeable than I and I don’t propose to rehash them here. I would however bring your attention to the uniqueness of this park and its proximity to Vernon.

It is by far the most heavily used park in the area and as such, in part defines who we are as a community and people.

Are we to sacrifice this priceless natural heritage for the sake of development and beggar future generations with a diminished park, or will we take the long view and protect the park for future generations as the founders envisioned?

Those making the proposal from the artificial environment and comfort of their offices should spend some time in the park, particularly on a quiet morning.

Sit at the bay, listen to the birds, the water lapping at the shore, watch an eagle drift overhead, a deer browse nearby, and then explain to their children what price they would put on this.

Roy Stephens