Council involving the public

Resident praises City of Vernon survey on the budget

I would like to congratulate Vernon city council for its forward thinking and action.

Why you ask?

Well, they are now trying a new system to let us have a say in how our tax money is spent.

After all of the letters I have read and written condemning councils for not listening to us the taxpayers, they finally are attempting to do so.

They are trying a new website idea to let us have a say in the upcoming budget.

It may not seem like much, but if we respond with reasonable, logical ideas, thoughts and opinions opposing their ideas, they might let us weigh in with our thoughts and ideas on many other subjects.

So I am urging all readers to please go to the website ( by Oct. 14) and give it a try. If you are not happy let them know.

I will certainly be trying it out.

This has not been tried by many municipalities that I have heard of, but it is definitely the way of the future and maybe we will all become more aware of how the municipality operates.

This hopefully will lead to more involvement by the public with what happens in our community.

Garry Haas