Council should think Vernon first

Resident wants more emphasis on city and not Coldstream and electoral areas

This letter was sparked by an opinion piece by reporter Richard Rolke in the Nov. 12 issue. What got me exercised was Rolke’s final ending words in his opinion piece statement about, “making nice with the neighbours.”

What’s the matter with that you ask? Nothing, absolutely nothing as long as you keep it in perspective vis-a-vis your electoral family responsibilities.

Responsible government means being responsible to those who elect you to office, does it not?

Let me be blunt.

Making nice with the neighbours has resulted in Vernon taxpayers being diddled big time.

Making nice to the neighbours to the detriment of Vernon taxpayers certainly played a part, maybe not a lot but probably more than some would like to think, in the mayor of Coldstream and the directors of Areas B and C being returned to office via acclamation.

Their ratepayers obviously know a good deal when they see one.

This was very nicely underlined by the article by Rolke on page A3 in the same newspaper entitled, “Parks plan carries $12 million cost.”

It’s a shame that Vernon’s former mayor Sawatzky and council were such wimps in protecting the best interests of Vernon taxpayers.

Getting approbation from your neighbours at such a high cost to your taxpayer family stinks.

And, they had the gall to brag about it as a significant accomplishment of their term of office?

My hope is that our newly elected Vernon politicos will think Vernon family first and not knuckle under as their predecessors have.

Vernon has sufficient votes (as of the last census) to prevail at Greater Vernon, providing Vernon elected officials exercise them in the interest of Vernon ratepayers.

Are these votes not meant to be used for the benefit of Vernon taxpayers?

My fingers are crossed that those newly elected will care less about what the neighbours think and more about what is best for Vernon.

Our past council has shown a willingness to kowtow to our neighbours instead of standing up for Vernon.

That has proven to be very costly.

Buying conviviality with your neighbours at any price gets us in Vernon saddled with a master parks plan that is less than masterful.

Incoming mayor and council, kindly take note and act accordingly.

Being neighbourly is a nice thing to do but when push comes to shove, as it has and will continue to do so, kindly remember where your constituents’ best interests lie.


Jim Bodkin