Councillor praised

Resident expresses concerns about a rainbow crosswalk downtown

Thank you Mr. Rolke for publishing Mr. Anderson’s speech on the rainbow crosswalk held in council.

Thank you Mr. Anderson for a fine speech. It takes courage  to give a speech like you did. It is not easy to have a different opinion especially on a hot topic like the symbol of the rainbow, where not only council, but the whole world seems to think differently.

Like you mentioned, there are many symbols representing diversity and if I am not mistaken, Mayor Mund mentioned that as an example as well. We have already the symbol of Christianity in city hall of the Christmas tree and the nativity scene.

Does Mayor Mund realize how hard people are fighting to get rid of the word Christmas either in trees or greeting cards, etc? Inclusiveness always includes exclusiveness. Mayor Mund changed his mind since the first meeting, but Mr. Anderson stood his ground.  He showed, so to speak, his true colours.

I guess it is a done deal. We soon will have colours underfoot.

When in the future the council will have less important issues to deal with, maybe we can all together go and paint the town red.

I for one am sure where my vote goes next time.

Maureen Kampen