Councillors missing the mark

Perhaps some of our councillors should visit the Bella Vista and Lakeview area and see what a problem deer can be.

Kudos to Richard Rolke on his column A priority problem in the Oct. 24 issue.

I think perhaps some of our councillors should visit the Bella Vista and Lakeview area and see what a problem deer can be.

They are not pretty little Bambis but are actually quite aggressive. Most people in our area of Lakeview are walking with a walking stick, a ski pole, or even a golf club in their hands, especially if they are taking their dog for a walk.

The deer are not afraid of humans and, not only will they not back away, but quite often start charging toward you. It is quite scary.

They charge at dogs on a leash and even attacked one inside a fenced yard.  Obviously, in our populated area, hunting of any kind is not allowed (although it would be nice if there could be a cull. There are way too many deer within city limits).

At least the farmers and orchardists can address their deer problem and they should be allowed to hunt on their own land. If you see your livelihood destroyed by wildlife, you should be able to protect it.

The other issue, that of banning bear spray, is even more ludicrous.

Coun. Juliette Cunningham was quoted as saying that it should be banned because it can be used for criminal acts.

How about knives, axes, hatchets, or even a ballpoint pen, all of which can be used to hurt, maim, and yes, even kill people?

Someone planning a “criminal act” will not be deterred by a bylaw. If you can only use bear spray on trails, just how exactly are you to get it there? What about the bears which also happen to roam our area?  So far, no one has been attacked, as far as I’m aware, but how threatened would you feel if you see a 350-pound bear peering in your patio door?

As Mr. Rolke stated, we already have provincial regulations and laws in place to cover hunters and the Right to Farm legislation, which allows hunting on farm land.  I suggest our councillors concentrate on issues that actually are within their jurisdiction and stop wasting their time (and our money) on issues that are covered by provincial and federal legislation.

Eva Pope