Courtesy needed

Pedestrian in Spallumcheen calls for motorists to be cautious and caring

Thank you to all of the motorists who over the past few years, when I am walking my golden retriever around the Mcleod subdivision, that pull over to the other lane (if not occupied), slow down and return my wave of thanks as they go by.

This courtesy is really appreciated and makes the two of us feel safe during our walks.

I in turn, do the same when I come upon dog walkers while driving.

Secondly, and the most baffling to me is, the other night, I got home after dark but still had to walk my dog.

As it was dark and raining, I put on my usual high-visibility vest, which is very bright and has many reflective stripes, and away we went.

Well I felt like I had put on a target.

Not only were people not moving over (although there was no one in the other lane), they did not slow down and if fact, they would put on their high beams.

Now not only can I not tell if I am far enough to the side to not worry about being accidently hit when the vehicle goes by, I can’t see a thing in any direction.

So if there was something sticking out of the side of a vehicle, a wide mirror or the driver made a sudden move in my direction due to an unforeseen item they catch out of the corner of their eye, neither myself nor my dog are any match for a brush up against a vehicle.

The courtesy I was shown in the light of the summer is just as important, or more so, in the darkness of the winter.

I am doing my best by being to the side of the road, being visible, having my dog sit and not make any sudden moves to scare drivers,  so  please and thank you for thinking about River and I and all of the walkers  in the darker weather.

If possible, slow down, move over dim your lights and I will continue to wave thanks for the two of us as we make our way through the subdivision.

Bud Stirman