Coverage helps

Resident praises The Morning Star staff and officials at city hall

I would like to take this time to thank your paper and the council of Vernon for all of the coverage you gave the problems and solutions for 25th Street traffic.

I cannot speak for all of the people on 25th Street but from many of us.

You may not think you had much to do with it but the traffic is down approximately 60 per cent.

We now only have one dump truck that comes down from 43rd Street occasionally.

Yes, we do have some people who still use the road but for the most part now it is much safer for all those that walk on the road.

This will be resolved when the sidewalk is installed.

The mayor and city council did their part by ensuring that this will be completed this summer.

They should also thank the manager in charge of public vehicles, as these were one of the major causes of traffic.

They now use Pleasant Valley Road and then 35th Avenue to access the city.

I think it shows the value of having a paper delivered to the door and the talk that comes from coverage.


Garry Haas