Creating conversations

Letter writer encourages residents to raise concerns and provide solutions

Yahoo, Vernonites are actually reading The Morning Star. Some of you even have the moxy to stand up and speak your mind. Unfortunately, not many.

I was approached with a comment of, “All I hear from you is complaints about stuff, but no solutions.”

To this person, I said a very heartfelt, “Thank you.” It is not really my intention to solve the problems of our fair city, but to inspire discussion and create dialogue to get some action from everyone/anyone.

Far too many people are willing to accept the old guard ideas of our city council.

Please, move over and let the younger generation try a few ideas. We need to grow and not stagnate in memories of how old-thinking people want Vernon to stay as it always has been.

Some actually call Vernon a tourist destination. Sorry, but I find that really funny. It never has or will be as long as we follow the same path we have been. It’s all hotels and no local campgrounds.

OK, how about we all choose a personal issue we would like fixed. Here is mine.

Have you ever tried to find a cop when you need one?

Pleasant Valley Road has a speed limit of 50 kilometres an hour from the the courthouse to the Swan Lake junction. Have you ever seen anyone do less then 80 kilometres an hour? On the highway that gets you a huge ticket and possible  loss of your vehicle. On PV Road, it is the normal driving speed. I know, I live on PV Road.

Here’s my solution:

A running track just cost us $7 million Someone wants $13 million to build another ice rink in the parking lot at Kal Tire Place My math says $20 million would go a long way to hire a traffic police division for Vernon.

We might get people to stop doing illegal turns into the wrong lanes, running stop signs, running red lights, speeding on residential streets and monster trucks belching black smoke and intimidating little cars.

If we had a dedicated traffic police division, maybe we would have much safer streets in Vernon and a lot less road rage.

There’s my personal beef with a solution. What’s yours?

Paul Elmont