Crosswalk safety

Resident calls for action on Hospital Hill in Vernon

I don’t know for sure who is responsible for crosswalk safety on Hospital Hill but someone has to take some responsibility.

I have sent enquiries over several months to MLA Eric Foster hoping he would have some valuable information but I have not received a reply.

I am regularly at that T-intersection leading to the front door of the hospital.

It astounds me to frequently see people trying to cross the highway in that poorly marked, unlit crosswalk early in the morning and in the evening.

It’s a death-defying act as far as I am concerned.

Recently, I watched a woman hesitantly attempting a safe crossing while shrouded in fog and extremely low-light conditions. Thankfully a large tractor-trailer had managed to stop on the downhill side just above her and waited while other traffic followed suit.

It’s a nightmare accident waiting to happen. I’ve seen cars smoke their tires going uphill trying to stop! There were several incidences on that hill last year and the fix is so easy. The signage is all dull, tarnished, black and white that blends beautifully into the gloom, fog or dark of night.

The modern, bright green signs that seem to be popping up everywhere would really stand out on that hill and a few lights would make that crosswalk so much more visible. A demand light would be spectacular. Surely it is a concern for others as well.

Do it for the workers, hospital visitors, residents, and drivers. One tragic accident will be one too many.

Glenna Miles