Cultural concerns

Resident suggests another option for art gallery and museum

This is in regards to the museum and art gallery. Has anyone thought of an addition to the existing museum in the middle between what is there now and joining on to the old library?

There is ample square footage of land available. One could accommodate a second floor.

I think we know there is speculation of a new two-storey art gallery on the old flower shop site and also of a new museum on the Coldstream Hotel property.

One could kill two birds with one stone in this situation, meaning the art gallery and museum. One half of the main floor, art gallery and the other museum, plus whatever is needed from the old library. The top floor could go to the art gallery.

As the city is low on money for funding and other issues, it could even sell one of the above mentioned properties at a profit and have the money it needs.

This could be one way of saving major money for city taxpayers. We might even be able to add six police officers rather than eliminating two for our city’s policing needs.

Chuck Columbus