Cultural facilities

Resident suggests previous cultural plan be dusted off

Every time I read The Morning Star and find articles about discussions, dissension and misunderstanding regarding the building or rehousing of the museum and art gallery, I think of seven years ago and 15 people who set about to make their dream come true.

They dug deep, did research, found funding, tried to educate people and had public roundtable discussions.

Their dream was to build a building to house the library, art gallery, museum and native interpretive centre.

This was to be built on the site of the old Coldstream Hotel which, it is my understanding, had been purchased for that purpose.

It was to cost $25 million.

It is my understanding that this project progressed far enough to have three well-known Canadian architects make bids on it.

One of these architects was Douglas Cardinal.

I know that I would travel far to see one of his buildings.

I did not know the other two but I am sure my reaction would be the same.

It is my understanding that a complete report was presented to the then-city council, which did not even accept it. Perhaps it is on file.

Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea for those interested in a museum and art gallery to try and resurrect the work already done?

Sylvia Johnson