Resident wonders why there isn't money for social programs

I am responding to two articles in the May 15 paper.

On the front page, there is an article discussing the lack of grants and funding for long standing community supports, such as the Friendship Centre and the Upper Room Mission.

Then on page A11, there is an article speaking on how Vernon is sticking to the budget and how the city has $750,000 left unallocated.

They did however state that they were wanting to allocate the money to whom? Oh, council initiatives. Yet earlier in the year when questioned about where the money for our community services and our children’s schools were, there was no money.

We have had more cutbacks affecting those in need of community support than any year I ever remember in the 16 years I have lived here.

So I’d like to know, is there money or not?

And if there is, why are all of these essential services being so brutally gutted affecting those most in need?

Heather Lindelauf