Cycle safety

Resident urges cyclists to follow the safety rules when out on the road

How many times have we read in the paper or heard on radio or TV that as motorists we need to keep a sharp eye out for cyclists, make sure you share the road, be considerate? Some even want special bike lanes to be built at a fairly large expense to the taxpayers.

One town came close to spending a lot of money to put a bike lane in for a two-block section to mostly accommodate folks from out of town. Thankfully they did not. All of this to protect the cyclists. Well maybe it’s time for them to help themselves a little simply by obeying the law that they want motorists to obey.

This little rant was brought on by a recent morning incident as I was going to make a left turn from Highway 97 onto 97A, but had to yield to about 10 cyclists as they came zooming through the stop sign at the Kamloops turnoff.

They came through like a string of sausages, each one waving the next one through. Two or three vehicles trying to make a left-turn towards Kamloops also had to wait. Had I insisted on the right-of-way, which I had, and pulled out, about four of those cyclists, maybe more would have been left lying on the road wondering what happened to their skin.

What I think needs to happen is the cyclists need to spend more time educating themselves about road safety and the law and less time worrying about educating motorists or building more bike lanes.

No one wants to have an incident involving a bike and a vehicle because we know who the loser will be. To reduce the chances, it’s going to take education from both sides not just the motorist.


Gerry Duncan