Cyclists should be accountable

Vernon writer feels two-thirds of the city's cyclists have little regard for lights, crosswalks and stop signs...

Allenby Way now has had a full bicycle path for two months. My observations — I eat a couple of meals a day overlooking the road and path, and have seen at most 25 bike riders.

Only three were wearing helmets and most were using the road, since it is now narrowed this practice is unsafe since there is no way for a car to pass unless it crosses into the opposite car lane or forces the cyclist off the road.

By the way, I imagine that the home owners who lost their on-street parking should have their taxes reduced by at least five per cent.

Now while one-third of all cycle users in Vernon are very good, and are no hazard to themselves or others, the remainder have only one thing in mind, point A to point B with little or no regard for traffic lights, stop signs or crosswalks.

Most motorists pay fines or have their insurance rates raised for their indiscretions. Should not cyclists have this same privilege?

Years ago in England, I was fined 10 shillings (a day’s pay in those days), and had my name published in our local paper for failing to ride with a rear light.

How does this compare with the teenager who just missed me while I was walking on 27th Ave. (next to the bike lane)?

He was riding hands-free and texting, or the one who almost put me on the sidewalk while doing a u-turn in front of me on Highway 6?

In the army, as recruits we were told, “If you want to play at old soldiers, you will be treated like old soldiers!”

John Taylor