Dangerous roads

Resident calls for action to improve safety on local routes

We have several roads that have dangerous intersections with Highway 97.

Those that come to my immediate thought are Birnie Road by the landfill, Stickle Road, Bailey Road (Predator Ridge turnoff) and Meadowlark Road.

In order to turn safely at these intersections, I feel we need a lane like the one at the Vernon Square mall. When you turn left, you only have to cross the oncoming traffic from the north and then you are in a safe zone. You can now check the traffic from the south and merge when it is safe to do so.

I also feel that these intersections require longer right-turn merging lanes so you can see the approaching traffic better. Something similar to the one at Swan Lake Nurseryland but maybe not quite as long.

There you can see the highway traffic when you try to merge and the traffic can give you the room you need to get on to the highway.

Fred Wernicke