Dear fellow canines

I sure like to run in the dog parks around Vernon. I get to explore lots of territory with many different scents.  I can sniff around all day.  I have lots of friends there too.

I love to stand on three points and let my bladder run wild all over the place and of course relieve the other end too.

Of course my owner always has those nice little bags that are supplied by some of the businesses in town that are at the dog parks. My buddy Rover was telling me that while he was walking with his owner along the walkway on Okanagan Avenue, he saw on different occasions, some really strange happenings. He actually witnessed a lady bring her two dogs to Grahame Park, let them run around, do their thing and then leave.

He also saw an owner drive in to the parking lot, let his dog Bowzer out to relieve himself, while he stayed at his vehicle. Now my owner has taken me on my leash over to Grahame Park (where there are signs that say No Dogs) so I could watch some kids chase a ball around just like my buddies and I like to do.

What a shame it must be to step on or even worse get tackled or slide on something that one of my fellow four-legged friends left behind. I know we are all really smart dogs and know a thing or two about such matters. If our owners could train us to pick up after ourselves it would be great but I don’t think it’s a function that we could actually perform.

So, Bowzer, Rufus, Muffy and all my other pals, please encourage your owners to be good citizens, follow you around and pick up the leftovers so little kids and big kids don’t have to come across what you have left behind. The exercise will do them good!

Oh, and while you are at it, remind them that the designated dog parks are much better places for us to run free.