Decision makers

Resident calls on Vernon city council to demonstrate some vision

I just finished reading Richard Rolke’s column Where’s the Vision, and must agree.  It is bicycle week and we are all being encouraged to ride our bicycles and I think that is great.

Unfortunately, I cycle often to the stores on Anderson Way and although one side has sidewalks, of which I never see anyone walking, I feel very unsafe driving along the road.

There is a large expanse of land that is being built on, employs many people in that area and it certainly does not encourage anyone to ride bicycles in that area.

If the mostly unused sidewalks had been paved  and had a line down the middle for walkers and cyclists it could have been used at least.

There are still buildings being erected and I hope it is not too late to implement some biking paths.  This whole area would have been a perfect platform to show that Vernon was serious about encouraging cyclists and would not have been as expensive to implement after the fact.  I do see many more people riding bicycles than ever.

On another note, I live in the vicinity of Vernon Secondary School and I agree with another letter writer about the new running track and how that would have been a much better location than at the college.

With the former high school being torn down there is quite an excess of land and the track could easily have fit there. I think it would be used much more there also.

I really do love living in Vernon but to the people that make the decisions that the rest of us have to live with, please have a vision and use common sense.


Eleanor Wilmot