Decriminalizing pot

Enderby finally gets what cannabis culture have been trying to do for past 40 years

I am pleased to read that Enderby’s Mayor Howie Cyr and city council are joining a growing number of B.C. politicians who finally see the sense of decriminalizing marijuana.

Those of us who grew up during the 1960s, in a cannabis culture, have been working towards this end for 40 years – it is about time!

I had a chuckle at the opposition from Councillor Beryl Ludwig, who seems to have ended her marijuana education with the film Reefer Madness, circa 1936.

Drug addicts or former addicts have apparently told Councillor Ludwig that they started with the ‘gateway’ drug marijuana.

If she had listened a bit closer she would have heard that most started with cigarettes and coffee. Or perhaps it was milk?

The notion of a gateway drug is as outmoded as Nixon’s War on Drugs from 1969.

It is time for an update. I suggest starting with the excellent website

Those who understand this issue know that the humble hemp plant, with THC and without, has the potential to help save our sick planet.

We now know that marijuana can be used for many reasons that do not lead to addiction or harder drug use. Often addiction results from a desperate need to quell pain: physical, psychological, social.

It is ridiculous to treat addiction as a legal issue when it is actually a public health issue.

I am hopeful that the bulk of Canadians have moved beyond seeing drug users as depraved criminals.

It is 2012 – time for politicians and the justice system to catch up with science and the rest of us.


Susan F. McSorley, MA Counselling Psychology, retired