Deer deserve some signs

Deer signs needed near airport and trailer parks to warn motorists and keep everyone safe

I live in the Okanagan Landing area of Vernon and every day I see deer crossing on Tronson Road, especially near the airport and Lakepointe and Sandy Beach Trailer Parks.

My concern is nowhere is there any signs on the side of the road notifying drivers to watch for the deer crossing? Why is that?

Two signs would be needed, one near the airport and the other between Sandy Beach Trailer Park/Lakepointe Trailer Park, on either side of the road.

My husband came home recently one night and hit a deer that came out of nowhere.

It had jumped over a fence which was also lined with tall shrubs (so not visible at all) at the complex of homes on Scott Road and Tronson Road.

Luckily the deer was only stunned and got up a few minutes later and continued to make its way across the field towards the airport.

Also lucky that there wasn’t any damage to the truck except a smear of vomit on the front bumper and also lucky that there was no one behind my husband to cause an accident.

We live in the area and are aware of deer crossing but so many others who do not live there and travel down that road, and mostly speeding, are not aware of the deer. I would like to see the city step up and add those signs to Tronson Road.

As a taxpayer I believe it is well worth the few dollars to erect the signs in order to save the wildlife and also to prevent an accident due to a deer crossing.


PL Mondor, Vernon