Deserve better

Resident upset with the conditions at the Vernon cemetery

I recently went to the Vernon cemetery to visit my parents and some of my friends and relatives.

I was shocked at the condition and state of repair when I got there.

It looks like the water has been off since last summer.  There were weeds and dandelions everywhere and very little grass.

Most cities treat their cemeteries and the people that are resting there with respect. Most cities have cemeteries that are well maintained and groomed with green grass.

Our cemetery looks like a cow pasture. It’s disgusting. I also went to visit my brother-in-law at the columbarium. I was horrified to find garbage everywhere and even a used condom. It looked like it hadn’t been cleaned or maintained for ages.

The ground was all broken up from shrubs that had been removed. My mom and dad, my brother-in-law, aunts and uncles and some friends are resting here. They all deserve better. Shame on you Vernon. There is no dignity at the Vernon cemetery in its present state.


Roger Westlake