Resident says that road construction is causing traffic challenges

Let me start off by saying the recent construction around the city, especially East Hill, is great as it improves accessibility and improves areas where growth is needed.

On that note, the 25th Street detour that is being used while the Pleasant Valley Road roundabout is being developed, is becoming a race course for some drivers.

This does not just include the regular drivers trying to miss the lights on 27th Street.

It now includes dump trucks working on the construction and city buses that have been re-routed.

Drivers need to understand that parents are walking with their kids to and from school, elderly people walking on the street to parts of downtown and people walking their dogs.

Many times now, as I have been walking my dogs and baby, drivers have sped by us. I have watched many near misses on this street including some of my own experiences.

It is time drivers slow down and watched out for pedestrians.

J. Sinclaire