Development concerns

The advisory planning committee has recommended that Vernon council approve the rezoning of a property on 27th Avenue from R1 residential to RH1 low-rise apartment to enable the construction of a four-storey, 37-unit apartment block for low-cost housing.

This property is adjacent to the Graceland seniors complex and the apartment balconies would overlook Graceland.

There are 72 homes in Graceland. All are single-storey duplex and triplex bungalows occupied by seniors enjoying a quiet lifestyle.

It seems like an odd place to promote a four-storey apartment block in a residential area where the tallest buildings are two-storey homes. Would the planning committee members like a four-storey apartment built abutting their property line and overlooking their homes?

I recognize the need for more low-cost housing and a two-storey complex or townhomes would be more suitable for this site.

Elinore Read