Devon’s deed

It is nice to see honesty still is alive and kicking

It is nice to see honesty still is alive and kicking.

I had gone to my grandson’s hockey game at Kal Tire Place on a recent weekend, it was his birthday, so I had bought him a card and put some money in it.

However, in getting out of my car, I had dropped the card and it was snowing, I thought it was gone for good, but when I returned to the car “there it was stuck on the windshield” without the envelope, but  a note on the back saying:

I found this card on the ground and hope it is yours (the money was still in the envelope) but very wet. Signed by an 11-year-old named Devon.

I am thankful to Devon, that my grandson still had a great birthday. I told him the story and he was really happy that his card had been returned.

This gives me great comfort to know that there is still honesty out there, and is being taught by some very lucky people to have a son like Devon.

Alf Head