Difficult situation

Information provided by First Special Service Force Association

It is great shock that we learn of the charges against Jack (John)Furman.

I have been with Jack many times over the years and regard him as a father.

My father fought in the First Special Service Force, the same as Jack.

I had the privilege to spend some time with Jack less than two weeks ago. I can speak for the many people that have been with Jack over the years.

Jack joined us in Italy during the Italy tour, when we took him along with five of his buddies back to retrace their footsteps through the many battlefields where they were so successful.

Jack was one of a small highly-trained unit who brought freedom and hope to many of the displaced residents of Italy during the Second World War.

We knew Jack as a fun-loving, teasing and charming gentleman who always had an answer to anything.

We will be placing a plaque on a mountain in Italy this December where Jack’s regiment was hit very hard.

We know Jack is alone right now, but we are with him always and offer our support any way that we can.

John Hart,

First Special Service

Force Association